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Take a look  at my new Jewelry designs.

take a look at my jewelry


a look

my new



my jewelry has been added. seed bead woven, chain maille, wire work are just a few take a look.

Welcome To Eggceptional Art

Since I could hold a pencil or a crayon, I’ve had the desire to draw and create. I know that is when I am at my happiest.

My career was in merchandising, display and marketing. I received the International window dressing display of the year on several occasions.

Upon becoming disabled, I continued my hobby of making teddy bears and plush animals. Then one day I went to an egg show and became hooked on the art of eggery.   I then started, painting, carving and doing dioramas and found mother natures canvas, the eggshell!

I can design for any occasion




Or just a new and special gift for that someone special.

Send me a picture or explain an idea and we can create what your looking for. Please feel free to browse the web site for idea’s or to purchase items that I have available.

Victorian Bathing Beauty
hand painted and wigged by me she sits in a tub of crystal bubbles
Bathing Beauty

weddings, Anniverseries, births, and special occasion gifts

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